Air Traffic Services (ANU)


The goals of the Air Traffic Services department are:-

  1. To develop highly skilled, trained and motivated personnel to operate efficiently in a dynamic and challenging aviation environment. This can be achieved through-
    • Specialized training and refresher training to facilitate employee development and staff awareness to changes in procedures
    • Documenting employee development plans for succession planning
    • Making available opportunities for advancement within the industry
  2. Airport to be considered the airport of choice for international airlines. This goal can be achieved by the upgrading of navigational and communications equipment as the industry dictates and employing new surveillance technologies.

To contribute to a global air transport system that consistently and uniformly operates at peak efficiency, providing optimum safety, security and sustainability.


Our mission is to prevent collisions:

  • Between aircraft in flight within the V.C. Bird Terminal Control Area;
  • Between aircraft and other aircraft, vehicles, wildlife or persons on the manoeuvring area of the V.C. Bird International Airport; and
  • Between aircraft in flight and the surrounding terrain and ground-based obstacles.
Approach Controller
Air Traffic Services

The airspace assigned to Antigua & Barbuda requires highly skilled personnel to provide services that ensure efficient, safe and secure movement of aircraft within it.

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Aeronautical Information

Aeronautical Information Service (AIS) units are encouraged by ICAO to transition to Aeronautical Information Management utilizing today's digital technologies.

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RPA Regulations

A person shall not operate a RPAS within the territory of Antigua and Barbuda unless such RPAS has a Certificate of Registration issued by the Air Transport Licensing Board

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